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Our Story

Hi, I’m Scott. I was born and raised locally but left the area many years ago to play Rugby abroad, firstly in Italy, and then Madrid, Spain where I remained for over 10 years. During my time on the continent I developed an appreciation of good food and wine, and an understanding of the patience and love required in producing it.

In Spain I met my wife Danielle, who is originally from Santa Barbara, California, but through strong Italian family connections, she grew up making and eating authentic Italian dishes with her Neapolitan Nonna (Grandmother). Luckily for me Danielle agreed to follow me back to Chepstow where we have been based again for the last few years.

Since returning home we’ve added our own ray of sunshine to the family, our little girl California, born in 2016.

Our Pizza

We absolutely love Pizza, who doesn’t? But there is something very different about real Neapolitan pizza, the kind that is produced with high quality ingredients, using traditional dough making methods and fired at high temperatures in a clay oven. We spent 18 months researching, sourcing the right ingredients and learning about exactly what it takes to make a pizza of this quality. I’m now a certified pizza chef but to provide even more authenticity we’ve recruited a top Pizzaiolo in Pasquale Mangiacotti who has based himself here in Chepstow and helped us perfect our sourdough.

Our Ingredients

Our dough is hand-made from scratch and left to ferment for 3 days producing a light but slightly chewy, yummy, sourdough base. We use the finest 00 flour imported directly from renowned Italian Millers Selezione Casillo, along with Premium grade Olive Oil and Tomatoes that are grown in the sunny hills of Puglia.

All of our other ingredients we buy locally, and some of it very locally! We use deliciously creamy Mozzarella made from free-range cows in Somerset, all our cured meats and salamis are produced in Monmouthshire, made from livestock and game found in and around the Forest of Dean. Most of our vegetables are grown locally when in season, and even our Gelato, Beer and (some of) our Wine is made here in Monmouthshire.